2010 Battle Creek Bicycle

Club Ride Calendar

Monday Road Ride* -6:30 pm. Leaves From State St. parking lot (behind Team Active). Pace is 16-20 mph and length is 20-25 miles. Should be reasonably fit to participate.
Monday Beginner Ride* -6:30 pm. Leaves from State St. parking lot (behind Team Active). Starts out slow and short in Spring (5-10 mph and 1 hour) and picks up pace throughout season to 8-15 mph and 15-20 miles in length. This ride is perfect for the newcomer to bicycling or those that prefer a more leisurely ride. Very informative.
Tuesday Mountain Bike Ride-6:00 pm at Fort Custer. Sponsored by Getaway Sports. Contact them for more info.
Wednesday Team Active Road Ride* -6:30 pm. Leaves from State St. parking lot. 25-30 mile ride. “A group” rides at a pace of 20-25 mph. With sprints and pace lines, and “B group” rides at a pace of 18-22 mph. Good for the fit, experienced cyclist, or fast riders looking for group ride experience. Wednesday Beginner Ride*-same as Monday.
Thursday Mountain Bike Ride  MMBA sponsored ride at Fort Custer 6:30 pm.

*The Monday and Wednesday rides start when Daylight Savings Time kicks in-on March 15th- weather permitting

You must wear a helmet on all rides!

Special Events

April 10-Linear Path cleanup sponsored by Team Active.9:00 a.m. Contact them for details.
May 19-Ride Of Silence-Leaves from Getaway Sports at 7:00pm. Refreshments after ride. This is a 10 mile route that honors those who have lost their lives or been injured while bicycling. It raises awareness among motorists that we are on the road.
June 25-Night Ride
August 22--Cereal City Century